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We are a service oriented company and our goal is to design an innovative aquariums and water features that will fit your budget and lifestyle.
"One Workshop"Founded in 2003, mainly engaged in the business, including professional home assessment, installation, optimization and improvement of filtration systems and the design and planning for a wide range of pond construction, water and other decorative range, feng shui fish tank for the establishment of commercial office buildings, shopping malls and hotel decoration fish tank decorative furnishings, private estates, outdoor garden pond construction, water decoration. Professional team to provide customers with on-site professional advice, analysis, improve and enhance the effectiveness of the filtration system, improve and provide regular maintenance services, and more complete range of services, to undertake all types of freshwater fish tank, water tank, reef tank, etc ... Provide koi, parrots, discus and other fish farming methods. Home to provide professional advice to customers to enhance the effectiveness of the filtration system, tank testing and improving water quality, Outdoor exploration and planning to build a fish pond, fish pond design suitable for customers of the progress of the project schedule, proper installation of various filtration systems facilities, cleaning all types of outdoor and indoor sand tank and filtration system ...
We carry a variety of aquarium tank, provide quality professional services on fish pond management, cleaning and maintenance, custom design and set up. Our mission is constantly working with great enthusiasm to maximize the enjoyment of your underwater world.